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What Is LoL?

LoL, short for League of Legends, is a 5v5 multiplayer online battle arena game similar to Dota 2. You can select from over 100 champions and use the character’s special powers to crush the enemy. The first team to destroy the other team’s base, called the Nexus, wins!

League of Legends is the most popular esport on the planet, with over 100 million monthly active players. Incredibly over 70 million people tuned into the World Championships, which is almost as much as the Super Bowl. Some of the best teams include EDward Gaming, JRX, JD Gaming, and T1.

What LoL Esports Bets Can You Make on GGBET?

At GGBet you can make over 20 different LoL bets. Here are some of the LoL bet types you can enjoy:

  • Match winner - Predict the winner!
  • First baron or dragon- Guess which team will kill the first baron or dragon
  • First tower - Predict which team will destroy the first tower
  • Handicap - Taking into account the handicap determine which team will win

With so many bet types at GGBet, you can always find amazing action no matter what time you sign into your account! Make sure you try out various bets until you find your lucky one.

How Does LoL Esports Betting Work?

It takes less than 5 minutes to sign up to GGBet, and then with a click of a button, you can make your first bet. Follow these steps to get started today:

  • Create your GGBet account
  • Deposit cash to your account
  • Tap on League of Legends
  • Select a LoL tournament or match
  • Pick a bet type
  • Enter your bet amount
  • Confirm your bet

You don’t need to be an expert to start betting on League of Legends. All you need to do is make a prediction about a game. For example, you might bet on EDward Gaming to beat JD Gaming, if EDward Gaming wins, then you win! Remember to check the odds before you place your first bet, as these reveal how likely your bet is to win and your potential payoff.

Top 5 most popular League of Legends tournaments

The League of Legends tournaments have grown in popularity over the years and now attract millions of viewers from all around the world. The top five most popular tournaments are listed below:

1.     League of Legends World Championship - This is the most prestigious tournament in the series, and sees teams from all regions competing for the Summoner’s Cup. Teams qualify through regional tournaments, with the winners advancing to the group stages.

2.     Mid-Season Invitational - The MSI is held halfway through each year and sees the top teams from all regions compete in a round robin tournament. The winner of this tournament is considered to be the best team in the world at that moment.

3.     Rift Rivals - This tournament is held bi-annually and features teams from different regions competing against each other. The winner of this tournament receives the Rift Rivals trophy, which symbolizes regional dominance.

4.     All-Star Event - This event is held at the end of each year and features fan favorites from all regions playing one another in a series of fun and creative matches.

5.     Intel Extreme Masters - This tournament is held in various cities around the world and features some of the best teams competing for a substantial prize pool.

These tournaments have created a global fan base, with fans tuning in to watch the top players compete for glory. In addition, Riot Games has recently introduced several other tournaments such as the Mid-Season Streamathon and the All-Star Academy, which offer additional options for fans to watch their favorite teams. Riot also hosts online tournaments such as Go4LoL and Clash of Fates, which are open for all players regardless of skill level. This has opened up League of Legends Esports to a much wider audience.

What LoL Tournaments Can You Bet On?

GGBet has a wide range of tournaments to bet on and events running virtually 24/7. Here are some of the top LoL Esports Tournaments:

World Championships

The World Championship is an exciting event for League of Legends fans all around the globe. It featured 24 of the best teams from different regions, battling it out on Summoner’s Rift for the coveted title. In the end, FunPlus Phoenix emerged as victors, taking home a whopping $2.2 million and claiming their place as world champions in history.

The World Championship is set to be even better, with a new format and an increased prize pool of $4 million up for grabs! Teams will be competing in two stages: The first stage is the Play-In Stage, where 12 teams from smaller regions will battle it out for 4 spots at the Group Stage. The second stage is the Group Stage, where 16 teams from the major regions will be put into 4 groups and battle it out for a spot in the Knockout Stage. The top two teams from each group will advance to the Knockout Stage, while the bottom two teams are eliminated.

LEC Summer

In addition to the competitive atmosphere of LEC Summer, there is also an emphasis on having fun. The tournament organizers are always looking for new ways to bring entertainment and excitement to the viewers at home. This includes exclusive interviews with professional players, giveaways for prizes, and themed cosplay competitions. It's a great way for fans of League of Legends Esports to show their love for the game and compete against other passionate players.

LEC Summer is also an opportunity for aspiring professionals to showcase their skills in front of a huge audience and take part in some of the world's biggest esports tournaments. With big prize pools, top-level competition, and dedicated streaming coverage, LEC Summer provides an ideal environment for aspiring pros to make a name for themselves and potentially elevate their careers.

In addition to the competitive aspect of LEC Summer, it also provides a great opportunity for players to make friends and build relationships with other esports fans. Through social media platforms like Twitter and Discord, viewers have the chance to interact with each other and build an online community centered around League of Legends Esports.

LCS Spring

The LCS Spring Split is an exciting tournament in which 10 teams compete against each other to be crowned the League of Legends champion of North America. Teams battle it out over a 9 week period for their share of the $200k prize pool, with the winner taking home $100k and an invitation to represent North America at the Mid-Season Invitational.

The 10 teams that will be competing in the LCS Spring Split are: Cloud9, Team Liquid, 100 Thieves, Counter Logic Gaming, Dignitas, Evil Geniuses, FlyQuest, Immortals, Golden Guardians and TSM. Each week these teams will compete in a “Best of 1” format to determine which team advances to the playoffs.

At the end of the regular season, the top 6 teams will advance to playoffs. The first two rounds of playoffs are played in a “Best of 5” format, with the winners advancing to the LCS Spring Finals which is a “Best of 7” series. The winner of this match will be crowned the LCS Spring Split champion and receive their share of the prize pool.

The LCS Spring Split is one of the most competitive tournaments in North America and it promises to be a thrilling event full of upsets, surprises and spectacular plays.

Sign up to GGBet now, claim your welcome bonus and make your first League of Legends bet today! Don’t forget to check out the HD streams and live betting markets.

The most interesting bets on League of Legends

All types of bets on eSports events are interesting and fuel excitement. League of Legends offers a wide range of pre-match bets to suit all types of bettors. Newbies and experienced fans of eSports follow the events in the game, the reactions of the participants and the first positive results. This helps to make an effective LoL bet.

But the absolute leader among couples capable of causing real aggravation of passions is considered to be predictions in Live mode. Of course, such bets can be made with a solid experience of watching, playing and betting. Also, current betting requires high-quality streaming online.

If you are an experienced bettor, then Live betting can become not only gambling entertainment for you. This is an opportunity to win big money thanks to high odds.

Conditions for successful online betting on League of Legends

When starting out as a League of Legends bettor, it's important to find the best resource to hone your playing skills and try your hand at LoL betting.

The GGBet club offers optimal conditions for betting, including:

  • Convenient interface. Users need to create an account from which they can make bets, follow game events, etc.
  • Coverage of all LoL events - matches, regional and global tournaments. It is better for beginners to bet on League of Legends, starting with simple events, professionals can try their hand at more difficult LoL matches.
  • Various payment methods. Use a bank card, electronic wallets to make a deposit or withdraw winnings.
  • Bonus offers and promotions. Welcome and no-deposit bonuses, deposit discount and promotional rates are waiting for you.
  • Safety of online betting on League of Legends. The guarantee of the protection of the rights of gamers and bettors is the presence of a license at GGBet, as well as compliance with the requirements of digital encryption by the online platform.
  • The best odds. There is a chance to get a good result when betting on LoL.
  • We want your time spent on our gaming site to be full of excitement and chances to win.

What are the betting odds for League of Legends?

The path from a beginner to a professional in LoL pairing is quite long, but interesting. Betting on the gameplay in pre-match or Live mode will obey you if you know certain betting secrets. One of them is LoL eSports betting odds.

They are:

  • American - look like a number with a "+" (for outsiders) or "−" (for leaders).For example, in the case of a bet on a team with a minus 300 coefficient, you can win USD 100 by betting USD 300. With a coefficient of plus 300, a bet of USD 100 can turn into a win of USD 300.
  • Decimals help to understand which of the teams is the leader in a certain pair. Hitting the coefficient in the range of 1.01-1.75 gives the team a higher chance of victory.
  • Fractional - if you see two numbers separated by a slanted line, you have exactly this type of coefficients in front of you. By multiplying this value by the amount of the bet, you will find out how the winnings will grow in case of a positive result. Example: a bet of USD 200 at odds of 7/10 can become a win of USD 140 (200 x 7/10 = 140).

Take advantage of a variety of odds when betting on League of Legends online! Your chances of winning the LoL prize pool are increasing every day!