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Live betting at GGBET

A few years ago, players could bet exclusively in pre-match. In other words, it was possible to bet only before the start of the match. As soon as the game began, the bets ceased to be applied. But with the development of technology, new opportunities have appeared. In the world of betting, the opportunity to make live bets has appeared. GGBET bookmaker is pleased to offer its customers a wide range of events available for online betting in real time.

What is live betting?

Live betting (or Live betting) is a type of betting on sports or e-sports events, which allows you to bet live, that is, directly during the game that has already begun. Players can bet on the outcome of specific situations in real time, such as which team will score the next goal or what score the current period will end with.

What types of competitions can I bet on Live?

The official website of the GGBET company is ideal for live betting. Here you can make live bets on many sports, including football, basketball, tennis, hockey, volleyball, baseball, handball, boxing, MMA, golf, cricket, rugby, motorsport and others. Betting on e-sports is also available, including Dota 2, CS:GO, League of Legends , Overwatch and many more. This is not a complete list of all disciplines that you can bet on live. On the bc website live bets are separated into a separate section where players can get acquainted with the list of current events and select the desired match for betting.

Live betting features

Depending on the sport, different types of bets will be available to you. For example, live betting on tennis does not imply a draw. After all, in tennis there are simply no draws, unlike football. Each match ends with the victory of one of the tennis players. Separately, it is also worth highlighting live betting on eSports. If, when betting on football or tennis, you know in advance on which field or surface the parties will play, as well as what lineup they will play on the field, then in eSports you can most often find out the peaks of heroes or cards only during the match that has begun. That is why live betting is so common among fans of eSports disciplines.

What types of bets are used for live betting?

The GGBET betting company offers many different types of bets that will satisfy the needs of the most sophisticated bettor. Players can place most types of bets that are available in prematch, for example:

·      One side win/draw

·      Totals

·      Handicap

·      The exact number of points

There are also unique types of bets with outcomes that are relevant only for Live. This includes such a type of bet as "which team will score the next goal." When a goal is scored, this bet will end and a new event will be available to bet on the next goal.

live betting so popular?

A lot of bettors prefer to bet on the game that has already begun, preferring live bets to pre-match bets. Each bettor may have their own reasons and personal preferences. However, there are several factors that make live betting so popular. Here they are:

Possibility to get more information about the teams and players who take part in the game. Of course, some of the information can be found before the start of the game, for example, by looking at the statistics section on the GGBET website. However, only during the match it will be possible to get an accurate understanding of the physical form of the players, how they prepared for the game, how motivated to win. As a rule, it is enough for an experienced bettor to watch the first few minutes of the game in order to form an impression and make a prediction on the outcome of the event.

During the game, teams can alternately give the initiative to the opponent. This is especially true for dynamic sports and online games, where teams can turn the situation around several times during a game. Experienced bettors can use the moment when one of the teams begins to lose points to the opponent. At this time, as a rule, the odds for the victory of the losing team rise sharply. In these seconds, bettors are betting that the conceding side will be able to return to the game and gain the upper hand. Of course, there is a risk that players who have lost the initiative will not be able to return to the game. But professional bettors are able to distinguish between hopeless situations and situations in which there is hope of winning. Trying to catch high odds in live allows bettors to win big money with minimal investment. Many live betting strategies are based on this, however, their application requires certain skills and experience from the players

Immersion in the atmosphere of the match. Probably, nothing captivates the viewer so much as the broadcast of the competition on which he made a bet. Bettors can follow the progress of the game by watching the broadcast directly on the GGBET website and place additional bets on specific events. For example, a bettor can bet that one of the teams will score a goal before the end of the period. This will allow the viewer to experience additional emotions, immerse themselves more in the gameplay, and possibly even get additional winnings.

Availability of live broadcasts from the competition

The GGBET company offers its customers the opportunity to watch the progress of the started game directly on the company's website. It's really very convenient. After all, players can simultaneously monitor the progress of the game and place bets online on its outcome. No need to spend time looking for a sports event broadcast on the Internet or spend money on connecting a paid sports channel to TV. You just need to go to the GGBET website or open a mobile application, find the desired event and enjoy watching.

GGBET betting is a really interesting and exciting activity that can become your hobby for many years to come.