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What Is Overwatch?

Overwatch is a 6v6 multiplayer first-person hero shooter. Overwatch blends elements of first-person shooters and MOBAs to create a unique game. The goal of the game is to kill the enemy and capture their flag and bring it back to your base while also protecting your own flag.

Overwatch has over 10 million monthly active players and has one of the best professional leagues in all of esports. The best Overwatch esports teams are Dallas Fuel, San Francisco Shock, and Shanghai Dragons.

What Overwatch Esports Bets Can You Make?

GGBet has more Overwatch bet types than you can handle. Here are some of the most popular Overwatch bets:

  • Moneyline - Predict which Overwatch team will win
  • Handicap - GGBet places an imaginary handicap on a team, and you need to predict which team will win, taking into account the handicap
  • Over/under - GGBet sets the line for a particular Overwatch statistic and you need to predict whether the statistic will be higher or lower than GGBet’s line
  • Futures - Guess which Overwatch team will a particular tournament or league, for example, bet on the Shanghai Dragons to win the Overwatch League Playoffs

GGBet offers the most extensive Overwatch betting markets anywhere in the world. Try out different betting combinations right now. With so many options, picking your first winner is easy!

How Does Overwatch Esports Betting Work?

Do you have a spare 5 minutes? Then you can sign up at GGBet and start betting on Overwatch esports. To make your first bet follow these easy steps:

  • Sign up to GGBet
  • Make a deposit
  • Tap on Overwatch
  • Select an Overwatch tournament or match
  • Pick a bet type
  • Enter your bet amount
  • Confirm your bet

Overwatch league betting is for everyone! You don’t need any specialized knowledge or tech skills. Simply make a prediction, and if it is correct, you win! We recommend starting with a simple money line bet, for example betting on the Dallas Fuel to beat the Shanghai Dragons. Then once you understand how esports betting works, you can explore more complicated markets. Remember to always check the odds before you make your first wager, as the odds show how likely your bet is to win and your potential payout.

Types of Overwatch Tournaments

One of the most popular types of Overwatch tournaments is the World Cup. Every year, teams from all around the world come together in a tournament to compete for the title of world champion. The teams are usually split into two divisions: West and East, with each team playing against their counterpart in the other division. Teams from each division will then face off against each other in the playoffs to decide who will win the tournament.

Another popular type of Overwatch tournament is the Open Division. This tournament is open to all players regardless of skill level and team affiliation, allowing lower-skilled teams a chance to make it to the playoffs and compete for the title. The top two teams from each region will advance to the playoffs, where they can face off against some of the most talented teams in the world.

Finally, there are Major tournaments that take place throughout the year. These tournaments usually feature top-tier teams from around the world and have a very high prize pool. The winners of these tournaments usually receive an invitation to participate in one of the World Cup events, giving them a chance to prove themselves on a global stage.

Overwatch tournaments are growing in popularity and it is likely that new types of tournaments will be introduced in the future. As the game continues to grow, so too will the number of people competing in these competitions, making for some exciting Overwatch action!

What Overwatch Tournaments Can You Bet On?

Bet on every single match from the Overwatch League Bet! You don’t want to miss these tournaments:

Summer Showdown

The Overwatch Summer Showdown tournament hosted by Blizzard Entertainment is the biggest competitive event of the summer, with more than 50 teams from around the world competing for a spot in the finals. With intense battles taking place between some of the best players in the world, this promises to be one of the most exciting events of the summer.

For viewers at home, Blizzard has added a number of exciting new ways to watch the games. For the first time, they've introduced an in-game viewing system that allows players to spectate any match directly from within Overwatch itself. This makes it easier than ever before for viewers to follow their favorite teams and get up close and personal with all the action.

Mid Season Madness

Whether you’re a veteran player or new to the game, this event is sure to offer something for everyone. In addition to these unique modes, players will also be able to complete timed challenges in order to unlock exclusive rewards. These challenges can include anything from earning certain amounts of kills within a certain time frame, completing objectives like capturing points or escorting payloads, and more.

For those looking for a more laid-back experience, there are also special game modes available that provide new ways to play the game. For example, players can take part in the newly released 3v3 Elimination mode or try their hand at Mystery Heroes – where players spawn as random heroes every time they die.

But that’s not all! In addition to the modes and challenges, players can also collect special sprays and player icons by completing a certain number of matches during the event. So if you want to get your hands on some exclusive Overwatch swag, be sure to log in and play as often as you can during Mid Season Madness.

Kickoff Clash

The Overwatch Kickoff Clash is a fun and exciting way to start your Overwatch journey. With the help of expert teams, you can get up-to-date information on all the latest news, strategies, and tips for playing Overwatch competitively. The Kickoff Clash also includes practice games tailored to each team's skill level so they can hone their skills before taking on real-life opponents. With this event, you can experience the thrill of playing alongside some of the best players in the world and practice with your friends in a relaxed setting. So don't miss out - join us for an unforgettable Overwatch experience!

If you want to take your Overwatch skills to the next level, then The Kickoff Clash is perfect for you. With expert team captains leading the way, you'll be able to learn from some of the best players in the world. Whether it's learning about advanced strategies and tactics or simply mastering your favorite heroes, The Kickoff Clash will help you hone your skills so that you can take on any challenge thrown at you.

Countdown Cup

The Overwatch Countdown Cup is an exciting new competitive event, featuring teams from around the world competing in 6v6 matches. The competition will be held in a double-elimination bracket with a minimum of two games played per team for each match. Each game is a best-of-three format and the top four teams will advance to the playoffs for a chance at the grand prize. Teams will have the chance to earn points throughout the tournament based on their performance, with the team with the most points at the end of it being crowned champions. The Overwatch Countdown Cup is a great way for teams to test their mettle and show off their skills in competitive play. So, gather your teammates and show everyone what you’re capable of! Join the Overwatch Countdown Cup and be part of history.

Players will have access to a variety of custom game settings, including Hero Bans, Map Selection, Competitive Rulesets and more. This will give teams an opportunity to hone their strategies and show off unique tactical approaches in their games. There will also be special events held throughout the tournament that will provide additional rewards for the top participants. With a variety of game modes to play and challenges to complete, the Overwatch Countdown Cup will be an unforgettable competition! Get ready to show off your skills and become part of gaming history!


The Overwatch Playoffs are the most significant events in the competitive scene of Overwatch. They bring together the best players from all around the world to battle it out for a chance at victory and glory. The competition often features some of the most intense matches and biggest upsets, making them must-watch spectacles for fans across the globe.

The teams that make it through the Overwatch Playoffs are determined by their strength and performance in regional leagues. Some of these teams include some of the most renowned esports organizations such as Cloud9, Team SoloMid, and FaZe Clan. However, there are also plenty of lesser-known teams that have managed to make it into the playoffs and surprise everyone with their skill and determination.

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Seasonal Overwatch Betting Tournaments

Bettors are given a unique chance to bet on the Overwatch League!

The following types of seasonal tournaments are held regularly, such as:

  • The Summer Showdown competition is a landmark event that unites fifty teams from all continents during the final confrontations. The audience of Overwatch fans is not left behind: the Blizzard company provides access to a system for viewing gambling cyber matches.
  • A "crazy" tournament in the middle of the gaming season is ideal for discovering the talents of both professional and new players. Overwatch gamers on GGBet can win exclusive prizes by completing tasks within a certain time. It can be killing an enemy or capturing an objective. The gameplay also involves collecting badges and winning a certain number of matches.

Overwatch eSports: Pros and Rookies

In any eSports discipline, there are experienced gamers and beginners. Both groups have a unique opportunity to show themselves from the best side.

Participate in "Starter Clashes" - competitions like these help newbies gain valuable experience by training with expert Overwatch eSports teams. Get all the news of gaming events, learn game tactics and listen to the advice of experienced gamers. The circumstances of such competitions are casual. It actually feels like a game, not a confrontation.

Win the Countdown Pro Cup in exciting world-class competitions featuring experienced players. Forming a team of six players, gamers must face off against opponents in best-of-three gaming squad matches. Competitions take place on a double-elimination basis, with each team participating in a minimum of two trials for the entire match. According to the results, the 4 best teams become participants in the playoffs. All points earned will lead players from one team to the championship.

The main event of the Overwatch eSports competition is the playoffs

All Overwatch games end with teams advancing to the playoffs . During this tournament, the best players choose not only the opportunity to receive a prize fund, but also try to gain respect among their opponents.

A game event of this level becomes the object of attention of many viewers and also encourages bettors to place bets on Overwatch. To get to the playoffs, you need to show all your strengths by getting high results during the regional games.

On the GGBet virtual platform, you can bet on all Overwatch tournaments and matches with the best odds. Register in our club, get a welcome bonus, bet on the Overwatch League and other interesting eSports events. Follow the adventures of gamers with access to online broadcasts.